There is a ques…

There is a question: “Is Jordan Hill worth a first round pic”

Hmm! The logical answer will be NO.Right?

But, lets take a look. Besides A.Bynum, can you name a Lakers 1-st round pic, that has made an impact to the team? The pic, that went to Houston is Dallas’ pic from Lamar Odom trade.OK! The Mavericks are still a good team and their pic won’t be higher than # 20. Make some research in the history of the trades and see how many players selected under that number have made a name in this league.

In the other hand, the Lakers got rid of 37 y.o veteran with serious downgrade of his game and another year under contract. Jordan Hill is a FA in the summer, and if he doesn’t fit well in coach M.Brown system, he will be let go, same as Christian Eyenga from the Cavs.So, the question here is not if J.Hill is worth a 1-st rond pic. It should be: “Is giving away Dallas’ pic, worth getting rid of D.Fisher?” And the obvious answer is – YES. It is worth. Same as is worth giving our first round pic, to get rid of two useless 32 years old veterans, who are not a basketball material anyway. And in return, we have got our point guard of the future.Ramon Sessions as a starter for the Cavs has posted 17.8 points and 11.0 assists average per game. In April 2008, he has posted 20- points and 24-assists in a game against Chicago. In a Lakers uniform and in a familiar system with coach Brown, he will became one of the best point guards in this league.


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Die hard Lakers fan since 1990. I hate Mitch Kupcake and Jimmy Buss. They are idiots. Do you hate them too?
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